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Custom Made

7 step guide to your made to measure sofa

Instyle Sofas works alongside the UK’s leading leather and fabric suppliers enabling you to choose from an almost infinite range of coverings. Indeed, even if you have already found the covering of your dreams, just bring it to us and we will make your Handmade Sofa.

When choosing a sofa, the final decision is very often about mere details. It is all very well having standard dimensions for standard designs but all of us are
non-standard in some way or other.

Instyle Sofas can use a standard design and modify it to suit your specific needs. If you are taller than average, we can add a little depth to the seat or height to the back. You might prefer your sofa to have a wider arm at a lower position, or maybe a wooden leg instead of metal.

Many of our competitors in an effort to reduce costs will supply inferior pine frames while Instyle only work with Solid Hardwood in the manufacturing of all of our sofas. Whilst initially the sofa won’t look any different our competitors products are often prone to warping, bowing and breakages are almost inevitable.

Leather used in our own range is supplied by Yarwood Leather, the UK’s largest supplier of leather. Harwood not only supply the domestic market but the contract and Automotive markets as well.

When we use leather on our sofas we use 100% genuine leather, not plastic or vinyl. Many large retailers try to disguise this by saying ‘leather match’ or indeed don’t mention this to consumers at all. Leather match is just a different terminology for plastic or vinyl.

Step one

Choose your style

Step two

Choose your size (bring your room measurements)

Step three

Choose from over 3000 leather and fabric options

Step four

Choose your feet

Step five

Choose your trim

Step six

Choose your comfort (soft, firm or hard fillings)

Step seven

Don’t forget your footstool!

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